Hi there! I’m Dana:
copy maven,
creative collaborator
& ghostwriter extraordinaire

INFP. Lover of tea, meditation, hot baths, dancing, reading, kpop, plants, and animals.

leaving the world better than I found it

I'm a published author and award-winning blogger, but my story is so much bigger than me.

My specialty is igniting people's intrinsic motivation.
My purpose is helping people help themselves.
My tool is writing.

I’m a writer, best known for being the creative force behind the (now retired) award-winning wedding planning blog, The Broke-Ass Bride, and author of The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide, (Penguin Random House / Potter Style). It was It was an exhilarating ride, but after 10 years, I was ready to explore the world beyond weddings.

The thing that sucked people in, made them love my brand, and crave my content? I want to bring that magic to your online presence. 

Sometimes sassy, always smart.

My mission is to improve the
world through wit, wisdom, and words... one client at a time. 

I'm your gal! 

I bring a holistic sensibility to your brand or online persona, taking in the full scope of your presence to determine the right tone and messaging for your audience and goals. 

I can pump out taglines, bios, mission statements, and clever copy all day long, but... so can lots of writers.

If you're ready for a creative collaborator who brings fresh and exciting ideas to the table, to bounce ideas off of, hear expert branding and marketing advice from, and get an incredible return on your investment, look no further. 

Loves: bodies of water (large & small, fresh & salt), snails, cooking, cardio dance, and forest bathing.

Top & Right: The loves of my life
Left: chicken cuddle therapy 


—Hello Klean

—[client's] brother


Dana sounds more like [client] than [client] does! 

Dana is amazing! Her tone was 100% on point. We have seen a big increase in sales conversions after her revisions.

I wanted upbeat, quirky, witty copy and I got it in spades.

She's a creative genius. An ideas genie. A strategy savior! An instrumental partner in growing my brand into a million-dollar business.

Copy so good, It's uncanny

consulting so astute, it's astonishing. 

Content so catchy, it's contagious

Ghostwriting so good, It's spooky

The word around town...


The woman behind the words


Raised in the northern 'burbs of Chicago, now at home in Koreatown, Los Angeles.


I'm mama to a gorgeous human, one doggie, several snails, and (never too) many houseplants.


I believe in inclusivity. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and I believe Black lives and representation matter.


When not writing, I'm probably snuggling an animal, dancing, at a kpop concert, and/or drinking tea or something bubbly.

The personality behind the prose


If I weren't a writer, I'd be...

A therapist

My writing playlist

Usually Kpop, sometimes Vivaldi

favorite bloom


Past life Peekaboo

I have a MFA in acting

favorite place i've been:

South Korea: my heart's home

Coffee Vs. Tea

Tea, always. With lots of milk.

can't live without


Human design type

Splenic Projector

Little known fact

I've had over 30 eye surgeries for chronic illness

guilty pleasure

Dick Wolf shows on TV

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